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Posted in General by Fergus on May 2, 2010

We’ve now moved on to our own hosted blog over at so please do check it out. We’ve got the full archive over there too so hopefully you’ll find no reason to return here!!

We’ll be deleting this blog sooner or later… once we’re sure everyone knows about the new one!!!


…okay, you can guess

Posted in Film Production, General by Fergus on April 27, 2010

You really have to have read the last post: A Clue a Week for this post to make sense.
Basically, we’re releasing a clue every week in the five week run up to the big announcement of our main 2010 production – the clues hinting towards which local myth the production will focus on (there are quite a few so this isn’t easy!). The first clue was simply the number 121. We said that those who guessed correct would win a DVD, but that we would only allow guesses after the 5th clue had gone out. Well, a genius from Edinburgh has already, from that one simple number, sussed it out – granted he is a police man but kudos to him!!
SO… it seems only fair that we allow guesses from anyone and everyone at any point before or after the 5 guesses are revealed (although we will say, once you’ve guessed that’s it we wish to hear from you no more – unless your right!)

Anyway, direct your guess at

A Clue a Week

Posted in Film Production, General by Fergus on April 26, 2010

On June 1st  we’ll be announcing our main 2010 production which we’re very excited about. If you keep track of us on twitter then you’ll already, no doubt, know that the production will be based around a local myth / legend/ tale. We’ve decided that, in order to create a bit of mounting tensions towards the big announcement, we’ll release a clue each week hinting toward which local myth the production will be based on… and with five weeks to the announcement that means five clues (one each Monday)

Through doing this we’re hoping to start stirring up some interest toward the production and also get those who follow us to go on their own little investigations into the fantastic local myths that surround the Cairngorms National Park. Plus, after the 5th and final clue has been given we’ll be accepting ‘guesses’ and those who get it right automatically get a free DVD (once the film is made obviously)… but, we don’t want any guesses before the 5th clue is out !!!!

Anyway, here’s clue number 1:

Before we decided we didn’t want any guesses before the 5th one was out we had one (well, more like three) from @greyelk via twitter:

Hmmm 121. There are only 2 people in the production and they are sitting facing each other chatting. lol Or is that 1-2-1- ?
A Whitehall number by any chance ?

and the answer…. “no”


Developments at CBN

Posted in Carrbridge News by Fergus on April 17, 2010

CBN being, of course, Carrbridge News!

Carrbridge News as you may well know is constantly being tweaked and altered here and there as we work to keep it up-to-date and up-to-speed with the modern, digital, world.

As part of this, the next stage in the grand plan will see a whole lot more effort being put into the Carrbridge News YouTube Channel. Up till now the channel has only been used to host special pre-releases and special, headlining, news videos (mainly the train derailment!).

We’ve never put full episodes up and this isn’t just because YouTube limits its videos to 10mins but because we want people to watch the episode at and not on youtube.

However, we’ve now decided that, a month or so after the release of each episode we’ll take snippets of those episodes and upload them to our YouTube channel as individual videos!!

SO… watch out for snippets from Episode Two being added very soon at the YouTube Channel for Carrbridge News

New “News”

Posted in Uncategorized by Fergus on April 17, 2010

For those who recently visit our website and this, the “News” section, you’ll have noticed we’ve changed the look of this section. However, this isn’t how it will stay -it’s only temporary.

Hopefully, in the not too distant future we’ll have sorted out a proper ‘self-hosted’ news section (currently we’re working on a free wordpress account). So keep checking back as it’s hoped this will be sorted out soon!

A Wee Update…

Posted in Carrbridge News by Fergus on April 16, 2010
Night Snow Clearing in Carrbridge!

We’ve now released a ‘release date’ for Episode Three of Carrbridge News! Don’t forget to log onto on Friday 25th June at 7:00pm!! Also see below for all the deadline dates for submitting news for inclusion in the episode. It’s our aim to step up production values with each episode (although obviously we want to avoid completely changing each one) so we’ll be working to take that next step up following the excellent praise Episode Two received…

Presenting… The MarchForth Marching Band

Posted in Film Production, General by Fergus on March 26, 2010

I’m back on the case of the “Portland: The Unofficial Guide” video, and as before I’m back with more news about the music!

I’ve just received an email from our new Portland musical pals, The MarchForth Marching Band to confirm that I can actually use their music in the film… fantastic news. I’d link to their website but I don’t want to give the show away before the film’s done! However, if you’re of incredible intelligence then you’d go to google (that’s right now and find them for yourselves… but I’m not suggesting that!!

I must add that I came across the band while in Portland but have since been going back every so often to try and choose one of their tracks. It’s been dificult. They’re all so good and, as they themselves say, “Genre-busting. Cinematic. Community-driven. Sonically and visually stunning. Unified and diverse.” I agree! Check’em out!

The Team Building Begins!

Posted in Film Production by Fergus on March 22, 2010

I’m starting to plan out who’s going to be involved in the production of our epic feature film which we hope to take from concept to screening in well under a year – a very ambitious time frame but we will meet it. no questions… and that’s a bold statement too!

So, with this said I’m on the look out for people who’d be interested in getting involved. We’ll be hosting open auditions at the end of June to launch the production and hopefully we’ll get a good turn out to these so we can begin to fill in the cast with talented local folk…

The story that the plot of the film will be based on has been decided but there’ll still be a huge leap in transforming this into an actual screenplay ready to be made.

Because of all of the above it seems that June is set to be a whacky and mad month… not only are we launching the production, writing the screenplay, filming @ The Insider and auditioning cast but we’ll also be producing our third episode of Carrbridge News!!

Over and Out!

Image by daansee more of his work here

Insida’ Fest

Posted in Film Production, General by Fergus on March 21, 2010

Okay so it’s actually spelt ‘insider’ but having seen their promo video last year it seems only right to spell it this way!

I’m not sure why I haven’t yet posted about this as it’s been marked on my (mind) calendar in giant red writing for quite a few months but here we go…

This year I shall be popping along to our local music festival held once again at Inshriach House. Last year, when it was announced that The Outsider was not to be, a bunch of folk from the Rothiemurchus area came together and decided, with little time to spare, they would host their own music festival. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend because of work but I heard it was a “hoot” and, luckily, this year it’s all set to run again – although by the looks of it in a bigger and better way!

Team mate Rachel S will also be performing as far as we know so there’s yet another reason to buy an earlybird ticket to the insida’ !! See you there..

Check out their website

…and the lovely film created from last year’s event, unfortunately not by me, but this year I’m hoping to do something similar (well, not similar in that I’ll copy it, just that I’ll make a film!)

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The News Following

Posted in Carrbridge News by Fergus on March 20, 2010

Today, I’m starting to map out a plan of how a new area of Carrbridge News will work. Carrbridge News is all about bringing together and connecting the community and wider area so it makes sense that we try and develop, what I’m calling, ‘The Following’. We’ve undoubtedly got a group – and quite a large group – of people following the initiative and checking back again and again for more news so it doesn’t make sense not to make the most of this. Those who have already signed up for email alerts via the website ( are automatically part of ‘The Following’ and so gain the special perks that a member is entitled to…

  • Email alerts when we release big stories, to remind you when an Episode is to be released etc.
  • A special 25% discount on any DVDs we produce (we’ll be making a compilation Carrbridge News DVD at Christmas)
  • Updates from the initiative so they know what’s going on
  • Reduced advertising rates on the website and in our print publications.

And a variety of other exciting things that are still to be thought over!
It’s hoped that we’ll have the following all sorted this week and ready to start accepting members in time for the Easter holidays.

Until then you really can ‘follow’ us on twitter @carrbridgenews

Over and out.

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